People over 50 are living active and productive lives. In America, roughly 35-40 percent of the population is over 50. We are empty nesters, grandparents, still fully employed workers, retirees, travelers, volunteers, parents, married, single, widowed , divorced, active, vibrant and most of all, fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy the next chapters of our lives.  We live every moment to its fullest because it could be over soon. This is our credo. That is why I am writing this blog. To celebrate our age group, where we came from, where we are and where we are going.

     I am a cusper- a person at the tail end of the Baby Boom and the first wave of Generation X. I am a lawyer, who is a blogger wannabe. I strive to be a blogger who happens to be a lawyer. Semi-retired, not ready to hang up my legal pad, starting the next chapter and living life to its fullest. I am a representative of the over 50 crowd. 

     We are not all baby boomers. People between the ages of 50 and 74 are around half Baby Boomers and half Gen Xers. To be a Baby Boomer, you were born between 1944 and 1964. To be a Gen Xer you were born between 1965 and 1980. The line between these age groups is often blurry. 

     To me, this blog is dedicated to the people over age 50 who are active, involved and independent. You might be 50 and working at your peak, or 70 and enjoying the fruits of your labors. Either way, we share many lifestyles, memories, hopes, adventures, experiences and endeavors. 

     We are the generation that is spending our children’s inheritance, taking care of grandkids, playing sports, travelling, checking off our bucket lists and watching as our children, who we indulged beyond any prior generation, grow up in a world that is quite different from our childhoods. 

     But isn’t that the way it is supposed to be? I will explore what makes this group of people in America unique, why we are the hardest working and most focused generation on success perhaps ever known to this country. We are still powerhouses, healthy, successful and good people who are watching the world we created grow up.

     So, in this journey, I hope you come aboard on this launch into our world to explore who we are and where we are going. Let’s celebrate, as this generation has mastered like no other.